How To Write A Press Release For Your Small Business

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A simple but effective way of getting the word out about a new product, a significant acquisition, forthcoming event, changes in staffing, or any other piece of news the company deems worthy of promotion; the press release has long been an essential resource for businesses of all sizes. However, when it comes to communiqués, there are both good and bad ways to write a press release. Some will have the desired effect of motivating action or stimulating interest, while others will be read and forgotten or even completely ignored. Some are even remembered for all the wrong reasons – the result of unfortunate spelling mistakes or a tone of voice that does not do anything to endear you to the target audience.

Press releases

Why Do You Need To Write Press Releases?

Statements shared with the media to produce positive news coverage of something is called a press release. However, some businesses do not recognize the value of press releases, focusing instead on launching ongoing email campaigns, ploughing funds into direct marketing and/or posting on social media. However, this omission of a press release could be a missed opportunity, because press releases don’t take too long to put together (typically carrying a word count of four to six hundred) and yet, when done well, they can create buzz, generate leads, and help forge connections with influential media figures.

How To Write A Killer Press Release

A well-written press release sticks to certain formatting and style guidelines because journalists have time constraints and expectations just like any other profession. Depending on whom you listen to, they can also be famously impatient. When writing a press release, the business owner needs to ensure that the journalists can scan the information quickly and process the pertinent facts therein. Here are a few tips for writing a good press release.

Format Properly

Format the press release thoroughly according to the style desired by the corresponding industry, choosing one of the many templates available online. Fit the press release on a single piece of paper and then focus on writing a killer copy.

Seize Attention With An Eye-catching Headline

The press release should have a title that will be a mini-press release in its own right. In other words, when the press release lands in an inbox, the subject line should be able to communicate its essence and be appealing without having to be opened. Position the headline in the centre of the document itself, beneath the contact information, and avoid using too many words.

Don’t Bury The Story.

Press releases are supposed to be clear and precise to the reader. However, it is surprising to see how many companies naively assume that their mini-masterpiece will be read to the end. Make sure the news is limited to the first few lines, else this meticulously-crafted release is destined to be trashed.

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